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Boyskout came to fruition in 2001 when Leslie Satterfield was offered a show opening for her long time favorite act The Need. Never mind that Boyskout didn't exist yet, or that she only had three weeks to prepare. She and band mates took the stage with a handful of songs, a bucket full of nerves, and disposition to spare.

In 2003 the ladies of Boyskout met up with acclaimed Bay Area producer Jeff Salzman (Stephen Malkumus, Killers, Will Oldham) who recorded their debut album ‘School of Etiquette’, which came out in 2004 on Alive Records (Black Keys, Two Gallants). The album garnered critical praise, such as: "If some CBGB's Frankenstein had managed, circa 1977, to transplant Patti Smith's sensibility into Blondie's garage-band pop, the result would have sounded something like BoySkout's "School of Etiquette." - Mark Jenkins, Washington Post.

After a successful Austin appearance at South By Southwest in 2006, the band turned there attention to recording a follow-up to ‘School of Etiquette’. They enlisted the help of acclaimed Producers David Schiffman (Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, The Mars Volta, Jimmy Eat World) and Donny Newenhouse (Film School, The Coachwhips). The result far exceeds their previous work, prompting San Francisco Bay Guardian journalist Tomas Palermo to write: “The songs I’ve heard… are as refreshing as local underground music can get.”

Boyskout has shared the stage with Tegan & Sara, Metric, Shonen Knife, The Coachwhips, The Gossip,The Rogers Sisters, The Lovemakers, The Vanishing, Film School, Two Gallants, Hey Will Power, Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil Eyes, Intelligence, and The Blood Arm among others.

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